I have been using First Bite™Jigs for over four years. They have always been my "go to" jig for winter and summer steelhead, often producing when other jigs have failed to get a bite. The quality of the materials and workmanship are unsurpassed. I would recommend First Bite™Jigs to any dedicated steelhead fisherman. The new micro-jigs are excellent for low-water conditions too!

Rob S.

The quality and workmanship of First Bite™Jigs are top of the line all the way. I've found steelhead love them. I especially love the Owner hooks Mark uses. They take a beating and keep on catching!

David Johnson
David Johnson's Guide Service

I recently began using First Bite™Jigs on my annual steelhead adventure to Southeast Alaska and was immensely impressed with their quality, and most importantly, their ability to catch fish. If you too have discovered the deadly effectiveness of jigs fished under floats for both salmon and steelhead, give First Bite™Jigs a try. Keep a close eye on your float because it's going down!

Mark Glassmaker
Fishing with Mark Glassmaker

Thanks for the sample. You should send these things out with a warning label, "Don't put in water unless you intend to catch fish". I tied the sample that you sent me below a small float and dropped it directly below my rod tip into a gin clear pool to see how it looked. I was watching the jig intently observing how nicely it flared out and followed below surface currents. WHAM, out of nowhere a steelhead hit it. I'm sold!

Tom Stilwell

   I've been fishing Oregon and Southwest Washington waters for more than 45 years. For many of those years I labored to perfect my drift fishing technique, but never quite made it. Drift fishing is tough. Then I discovered jigs, and my fishing life changed. Jig fishing, at least in my hands, is ten times easier and ten times more productive than drift fishing. I believe that jig fishing will become the standard technique within a few more years.

   I have tried every jig now on the market and have even designed some that are now being sold at local retailers. None of those jigs even come close to First Bite™Jigs. The reasons are simple.

First --- Mark has determined to make only the finest quality product. No compromises --- ever! Owner hooks, Kevlar thread, plated jig heads, the finest schlappen. There simply are no finer components.

Second --- The unique plated jig head keeps these jigs producing like brand new throughout their lifetime. No paint to wear off on the first few casts. These jigs just keep on producing and producing. Those of us who tie our own spinners know the fish-attracting power of bright nickel and brass, and that's what Mark uses on his jigs. A great concept!

Finally --- Mark is one of us --- a true fishing junky. He spends every spare hour on the river testing his products, playing with new colors and designs, working on behalf of his customers to design and build the best fish-catching products. He's also generous with his time, helping those of us who are less proficient by conducting his many free jig fishing clinics. We all learn when watching the master demonstrate his techniques.

   Those who are starting to fish with floats and jigs should use the best. And the best are First Bite™Jigs. No doubt about it.

Jack Mattice


   I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to discuss jig fishing with me. I'm looking forward to trying your jigs for Steelhead and you were certainly a big help.

   The reason for this note is also to let you know that I called several other suppliers of steelhead jigs. All of the jigs I looked at were high quality components and I'm sure high quality craftsmanship. Your jigs were more expensive then some and a little cheaper then some BUT, you were the only person who took the time to give me instructions and to be helpful in every way. Some of the others seemed almost put off by my questions and lack of knowledge about steelhead. Your fine customer service and friendly demeanor were a pleasant and refreshing change from dealing with your competitors and so many others in this day and age. Keep up the good work and I'm sure your company will grow rapidly.

Moose Watson


   I have fished for salmon and steelhead using many methods but fishing with jigs has been the most effective for me. I met Mark Anderson about two years ago and starting using his jigs at that time. To say that using First Bite™Jigs revolutionized my success is an understatement! To put it mildly they work! Not only are they extremely effective, they are made from the highest quality materials. From the feathers down to the Kevlar thread Mark uses you will not find a better, higher quality jig on the market and believe me I have used them all. The Owner hooks that are used in First Bite™Jigs are the best! I have not lost a single fish due to hook failure and I have hooked large Chinook using the smaller and lighter steelhead jigs. You cannot go wrong with First Bite™Jigs and Mark Anderson... both are "high quality"

Shane (Stew)


   Just this year I got started using the bobber-jig technique. I listened to Terry Mulkey and Chris Vertopoulos at a seminar and questioned you several times on technique and terminal gear. Took everyone's input and got geared up. Fished a few times with it on the Clackamas, hooked one but couldn't get it to the beach. Well, last Sunday was payday, I went behind the guide shop on the Wilson using a pink/white First Bite™Jig tipped with a shrimp tail, about the tenth cast I was puzzled to see my bobber plunge to the river bottom? I came back on it and the mystery was solved, a 10 pound native chromer! I think you make an excellent product! The quality of your jigs and the effort you've spent perfecting differentiate you from rest of the pack. Thanks for the great product.

Bart Forsberg


   I used to shy away from jig fishing and would only try them after everything else failed. All this changed last winter when I couldn't hook anything in the low, clear water. I got serious about jig fishing, read up on it some, and gave it a try. Third cast, bobber down, and I have a fish on the bank. I landed two more fish that same day on jigs. This was more fish than I had hooked in the previous two months of fishing! Jig fishing opens up so many new doors and lets people fish water usually deemed "unfishable" by most anglers. Mark takes pride in his First Bite™Jigs and it is evident in their innovative design and quality workmanship. By custom making the jigs for you, Mark's knowledge of steelhead behavior is translated into every jig Thanks for making me a believer Mark!

Michael Heck


   Being so used to fishing for Steelhead with drift gear, it took me some time to build my confidence in jig fishing. With Mark's numerous catches of Steelhead and Salmon, it took little convincing that jig fishing is a very successful method. I have now caught many fish using First Bite™Jigs, and I must say, Mark's jigs are extremely well made and definite fish catchers! The Owner hooks are the sharpest, and all materials are made of the finest quality available. Thanks to Mark Anderson, I am now a jig enthusiast with many fine catches hooked on First Bite™Jigs!

Jennie Logsdon Martin


   I ordered my first jigs from First Bite™Jigs two months ago. Since then my fishing success has increased dramatically. I used to be very selective about fishing typical steelhead water that was 2-6 feet deep with good current, that I overlooked a lot of prime water. My first trip out in the boat after ordering the jigs, I caught three chrome hatchery fish on one pink and white jig. I couldn't believe that they kept biting it and that the feathers and hook held up so well. I misjudged the depth adjustment, which ended up sacrificing the sacred jig but I have since replaced it with another equally well made one. My mind has completely changed about where and how to fish for steelhead now. Thanks Mark.

Harold B.


   I'd tried many methods to catch steelhead. Drift fishing, plugs, plunking, spinners, and spoons. None has been as exciting and easy as fishing with jigs. There's nothing like watching that bobber go down in the middle of a drift. First Bite™Jigs makes a superior product for this type of fishing. Mark takes real pride in making his jigs. From the Owner hooks to the finish work, these things are beautiful. Thanks Mark!

John G.


   I've fished jigs for 35 years here in the East for bass, panfish, pike, walleye, and crappie and have written of my jigging experiments for the old Fishing Facts magazine, Bassin', and others.

I own thousands of the leadheads and tie batches of new ones constantly. But on first look, I knew I HAD to acquire a bunch of Mark's awesome feather jigs!! These are genuinely unique creations and the best quality jigs I've yet come across!

Upon testing them I discovered that a First Bite™Jig has truly superior balance for the increasingly popular "float-'n-fly" technique on smallmouth bass and most early season crappie pursuits. And I live and fish by the belief that since all our angling efforts are geared to putting a hook inside a fish's mouth, then we better feed 'em the best hook possible.

Mark spares no expense in designing his baits around the renowned Owner hook, arguably the sharpest point on the planet! I most often like to trail my First Bite™Jigs with a simple section of plastic worm, sized according to the species of fish I'm after on a given day.

Mark's high action, pulsating feather tied up front calls them in to the subtle swimming action of the worm. This provides a natural, near perfect minnow-like look that fish can't seem to resist. No need for any fancy motions either, just a slow steady retrieve is all that's necessary.

Only problem is, much as I try on some days, these little gems won't allow me to specialize on one specie-everything around wants to jump on 'em!!

John M.


   Mark, I finally did it! I landed a steelhead. My first one ever and yes on my fist cast. After a long day of having a friend teach me the "art" of fishing with corkies and yarn and no luck, I tied a purple and black jig from the dirty dozen and tipped with a sand shrimp tail. Not even 20 minutes later that bruiser was on the bank. Thanks for the sharp owner hooks and fine workmanship of each jig. From the response of the crowd on the bank I'm sure that you should be getting some orders. Thanks again

Chris M.

   I have known Mark Anderson for about 3 years. In that time we have had the opportunity to fish together many times. The thing that always impressed me about him is the fact that he is so meticulous about every detail when it comes to his gear and technique. I have personally hooked 6 fish in 2 trips using "First Bite™Jigs". The fish bite them...period! Mark has put a lot of thought into his products and I endorse them 100%. I have fished jigs for 8 years and by far they have the highest success ratio of all other jig products. Follow his tips as well, and I guarantee you're success ratio will go up dramatically. Quality is the word to describe the product!

John Barth

   I was first turned on to Jig fishing about a year ago when Mark took me out and I nailed my first Summer Steelhead. Since then I have been fishing with Mark's First Bite™Jigs through the fall, winter, and spring and have had nothing but success. I have tried other Jigs that are on the market but none have worked as well to attract a big chromer like a First Bite™Jig. The quality is second to none, and there is no better Jig out there. Thanks Mark for introducing me to this great product and all the fun that comes with it.

Troy Duenas



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