A portion of ALL sales go to Steelhead and Salmon Conservation / Recovery efforts.


About Us & Our Jigs

When you first see our jigs you'll immediately notice the difference. They are made the old fashioned way, one at a time, right here in the U.S.A. From the needle-sharp Matzuo Sickle and Owner 2x jig hooks to the palmered feathers, these jigs are in a class of their own. Over twenty-five years of steelhead jig fishing experience went into the design of these jigs and it shows. Steelhead will simply tear apart weaker jigs and leave you standing there shaking your head. In order to hook and land these fish, a strong hook is a must. We spared no expense in this department and use the finest heavy wire Matzuo Sickle and Owner 2x jig hooks available.

When we first started tying our own jigs we used store bought lead jig heads with painted heads. Soon after using these jig heads the paint would chip and eventually come off. We found out right away that the fish didn't care what color the jig head is. They were more interested in the action and color of the feathers.  Switching to solid brass beads instead of lead eliminated the chipping of paint and made for a more durable looking jig.

When it came to choosing feathers for my jigs we wanted something that was able to stand up to the abuse that steelhead can dish out. The marabou, schlappen and hackle feathers we use are palmered onto the hook shank creating a jig that not only looks different but also has great action in the water. By blending these feathers together we create dynamic looking color patterns that look different from anything on the market today.
Since our jigs are made with solid brass beads instead of lead, the weight of the jig is not exact. For that reason we list our jigs as macro, micro, small, medium and large.

macro jigs are made with 3/16" brass beads and are similar to a 1/64 oz size jig in weight.

micro jigs are made with 7/32" brass beads and are similar to a 1/32 oz size jig in weight.

small jigs are made with 9/32" brass beads and are similar to 1/16 oz size jig in weight.

medium jigs are made with 11/32" brass beads and are similar to 1/8 oz size jig in weight.

large jigs are made with 3/8" brass beads and are slightly less than a 1/4 oz in weight.

We feel this is of little consequence since jig fishing is not an exact science and the slight difference in weight is hardly noticeable.


     First Bite™ Jigs is owned by Mark Anderson.  Living in northwest Oregon allows me to fish for steelhead and Salmon on a year-round basis. I grew up watching my Dad catch steelhead on the same rivers that I now enjoy taking my fiance`to.

       I understand the world is round and enjoy giving back to the community whenever possible. I have been a member of Oregon Adopt-A-River for over twenty years cleaning up a two-mile stretch of the Wilson River on a regular basis. This has strengthened the relationship with anglers and local land owners keeping sections of prime fishing water available to the public.

    I've also been the guest speaker at numerous Northwest Steelheaders and Southwest Washington Anglers clubs. I also hold on stream float fishing seminars where anglers can come and learn the details of float and jig fishing using various float fishing set-ups. I also freely donate jigs and tackle products to fishing organizations, local charities and schools.

   If you live in the Portland Metropolitan area you might have seen me on local cable access shows fishing with Scott Kappes of Northwest Outdoor Adventures. I filmed two shows, one each for winter steelhead and Fall Chinook.  I've also been featured on Outdoors Oregon with Grant McOmie.

    In 2009 Cindy Couture joined up with me bringing a burst of energy and enthusiasm to the company. Cindy is very competent working with computers and IT problems. Having her on board will make our company stronger and more efficient in the long term. We're excited about this new start and will keep on tying beautiful jigs for the many friends we've had the pleasure of meeting since starting our business. We want to thank you for sharing your fishing stories with us and we appreciate your loyalty.


Mark Anderson & Cindy Couture
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