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First Bite™ Jigs specializes in custom-made jigs using the finest materials available. When you first see our jigs you'll immediately notice the difference. They are unique in every way. From the super strong Matzuo Sickle and Owner 2x jig hooks to the palmered feathers and solid brass beads, these jigs are in a class of their own. Virtually twenty-years of steelhead jig fishing experience went into the design of these jigs and it shows.  Not only do we offer finished jigs but we also carry all the materials for people who like to tie their own jigs utilizing quality components.

A trademark of our jigs is the beautiful feathers we use. The Hareline Dubbin schlappen, hackle and marabou feathers are hand-picked for the style of jig being tied. We then blend several palmered feathers together to create unique and dynamic color patterns that look different from any other jig out there. We think a different looking jig can be a good thing.

Instead of using lead for the jig heads, we use environmentally friendly solid brass beads. The brass beads are then secured to the hook shank using heavy-duty, stainless steel pins and Kevlar thread. Since we use solid brass beads instead of painted lead, our jig heads will never chip…ever. This results in a much more durable looking jig head that will outlast painted lead-head jigs every time.

It all comes down to the hook. That is why we spared no expense in this department and use the strongest heavy wire Matzuo Sickle and Owner 2x jig hooks available. We've field tested these hooks under the toughest conditions and they have been proven time and again to hold up to the meanest steelhead you can find. These renowned hooks will dramatically improve your catch-ratio and give you confidence in your gear.

Every one of our jigs is hand-tied the old fashioned way. One at a time, right here in the U.S.A. No mass lead pouring, just pure craftsmanship from start to finish. The end result is a jig with attitude that is built to handle the toughest fish you can find.

Each one of our jigs is backed up by a 100% money-back guarantee. If you have purchased one of our products and are unsatisfied with the quality or workmanship, simply return it and we'll give you all your money back. That's a promise.

Enjoy our jigs and fish with confidence.

Mark Anderson & Cindy Couture




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